Every Tuesday we'll bring you a video relating to stroke technique. Could be a demonstration of a drill, a coach giving a swimmer a pointer, or anything that brings you information and ideas about swimming stroke

October 28, 2008

created by: Garrett McCaffrey

Top Videos
  • Meat Hook Freestyle

    Head coach of Lake Oswego Swim Club, Coley Stickels, was nice enough to coach me through a practice ...

  • The Freestyle Breath

    Setting up the timing of the breath in freestyle is no easy task. It's a small detail that can mean ...

  • Breastroke Pull Outs

    Russell talks about what he believes is the best approach to the breastroke pullout.

  • Breastroke Work, Frank Busch and Whitney Meyers

    Whitney Myers is working on her breastroke. She's getting a lot of different advice from every angle...

  • Underwater Kick Technique, KING Aquatic Club

    I stopped by KING Aquatic Club on a Monday Afternoon in April. This is the set they did after warmup...

  • Paddle Pulling

    Paddle pulling is something that most clubs do at some level. Kevin explains Blue Tide's approach as...

  • Backstroke Breakout

    Matt has his backstrokers carrying their dolphin kick through their breakout and into their first or...

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